How much do new windows cost?

If you’re researching the average price of new windows, our guide will tell you the different factors you need to consider so you can compare new window prices like for like.

How much do new windows cost?

There are many factors and variables that contribute to the cost of new windows that means every project can be vastly different from the next.

For this reason, we don’t show an average price list online because all our windows are bespoke made to precision fit your specific requirements.

We have well over 77 different style options to choose from to design your perfect window, and because at Tarradale Home Improvements we don’t do average, we’re unable to provide a list of prices that covers all these options.

The average price for new windows (2024)

To help you budget when considering replacing your windows, as a guide, below is a list for the average cost of new windows. However, these are average guide price ranges and not a definitive cost to replace windows in your home.

The average price for new windows is anything between £800 to £3,600 per window, depending on options.

A white uPVC casement window is the most economical option, costing between £700 to £2,200 depending on size, glazing design and how many are being replaced in the property.

Material Average new window cost
uPVC casement window £700-2,200 per window
Sash window 50% more than a casement window
Tilt and turn window 25% more than a casement window
Bay window 150% more than a casement window
Aluminium frame 25% more than uPVC
Timber frame 50% more than uPVC

How much do new windows cost?

Casement windows

A casement window is the standard and the oldest style of window in the UK. Hinged at the side (or the top) for opening, usually with a single or pair of opening windows in one frame. Casement windows in white uPVC are the most economical style of window you can buy.

The average price for a casement window can be anything from £600 up to £1,800.

Sash windows

Usually found on period properties and buildings in London, the sash window is prized for its classic aesthetic appeal but its high maintenance compared to other windows. The window has two panels that slide up and down over the top of each other.

The cost to replace sash windows is usually 50% higher than an average casement window.

Tilt and turn windows

The tilt and turn window has become a hugely popular style for uPVC and aluminium windows because they can be securely left open for ventilation by tilting them inwards whilst remaining fully locked.

The cost of double glazed tilt and turn windows is 25% more than a casement window.

Bay windows

Bay windows are built out from the walls of the house and can require planning permission to build to the front of the house. The bay window has windows on the front and at the sides and for these reasons, bay windows are the most expensive to replace.

A uPVC bay window will cost 100% more than the average casement window.

Window style Average price for new windows (per window)
Casement windows £600-1,800*
Sash windows 50% more than casement
Tilt and Turn windows 25% more than casement
Bay windows 100% more than casement